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Terrariums are self-contained worlds of plants, moss and ferns that create their own self-sustaining ecosystem.

Plants that can be hard to grow in dry indoor air will flourish in the steady humid air

of a terrarium. It's much easier to keep humidity-loving plants thriving in a terrarium.

Terrariums are an easy, low-fuss way to have beautiful growing plants in your home.


healthy soil

My terrariums are bio-active and I use a soil substrate that supports beneficial micro-organisms, to help maintain a healthy environment. Springtails are tiny hexapods that help clean up debris and mold such as leaf litter in wooded areas. I use them in my terrariums but you can also find them in the soil of houseplants.

custom made

I custom make each terrarium as an order comes in. The terrariums shown in the photos are examples only.


The plants, moss and rocks I use, and the final arrangement, will vary from the photo. When each terrarium is finished I send an email with a photo to the customer before pickup is arranged.

terrarium care

Terrariums are surprisingly easy to care for. Click here for complete care information.

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